VIDEO: Australia’s quickest Nissan R35 GTR

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The Nissan R35 GTR has a reputation for being one of the fiercest production cars available, and the four wheel drive, six cylinder-powered beasts have been a common sight at drag racing events around the country – with the Australian record for the brand recently being reset.

Melbourne’s Lance Warren was at Sydney Dragway on the weekend to do some testing ahead of the Brisbane Jamboree at Willowbank Raceway. There he knocked out the new quarter mile record, a 7.732 at an early shut off 172.04mph.

‘SIN35’ was recently rebuilt and the record pass was the car’s only full run of the day, short shifting at only 6500rpm as Warren confessd to forgetting to put the transmission in manual mode

“We ran like three-quarter track and I got onto the brakes,” he said. “Even still the car reset the Australian R35 GTR record. We didn’t get any more full passes but managed to get our 60 foot times down and the car was on a mission on both runs. We are looking forward now to Jamboree next week.”

“Special thanks to the entire Precision Racing team for getting this car to where it is now. I am absolutely amazed at what we have achieved in its very first outing. Looking forward to getting back out in the car and seeing what it can do.”

Check out the video below thanks to Fast Performance Videos. Quality burnout effort too it must be said!

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