VIDEO: Calder Park starts new track surface

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Dragway upgrades around the country continue with long awaited racing surface upgrades at Calder Park beginning today.

If there is a positive spin on the current COVID-19 situation is that drag racing venues can upgrade facilities without disruptions in racing. The latest venue to start works is Calder Park, the long awaited promised upgrades have begun with a complete resurfacing of the drag racing surface to 1500ft.

Calder Park made the following comment with a video of the works starting:

“Yes its true! Good things come to those whom wait, and the wait is over! 

We are getting a new track surface right through to just past the 1500ft mark and the works have started.

A big thanks to all the people that have hung in with us on this mammoth effort, and an even bigger thanks to all for your faith and support!

We have been working our butts off in the background to get this upgrade across the line for our Melbourne and National racers and fans! It is the opportune time to do these works as curing time is required before we can get racing and doing these works now shows the commitment by all stakeholders given these uncertain times. We have some BIG events in the works, like The Australian Nationals, Rowe Memorial, King of the Hill, Fast Fridays & Sunday Fundays, plus some exciting new events we have been working on. However, we need to be patient until we get the AOK from Government as restrictions are lifted in the next few months.

Please be patient on the return of racing as we knew it, as that may be some time yet. We all need to start thinking about how we can get back to events within the restricted numbers and distancing measures we will have to work with in the short/medium term. Its looking like we may be closer to resuming closer to August/September (fingers crossed) and will keep everyone posted as we get more guidance from Government and the Authorities.

As you all can appreciate it’s all out of our hands and completely up to the State and Federal Governments. Yes its frustrating and we are all in the same boat during these very difficult times of COVID-19 and please understand if we can run a meeting of any type and make it work (safely and within restriction guidelines) we will make it happen!”

Return road repair also being done.

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