VIDEO: Dangers of 3000HP on a dyno

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Dale Heiler shared a scary dyno incident he experienced as a warning on the importance on safety even when running a car on a dyno.

We recently saw Heiler battle on the dyno with his twin turbo Commodore against the AC Delco Pro Slammer at Summernats here:

Today, Heiler was running the Nathan Farrugia driven 3000hp twin turbo V8 RX3 – that has gone well into the six second zone on radials – on the dyno when a breather hose fell off the oil tank, igniting in a fireball. Fortunately Heiler escaped virtually unscathed aside from a being little singed.

Normally the oil tank is inside a sealed box for racing, Heiler’s warning to all, put the car together as if you are going to race, even if it is for the dyno, as he became an unwillingly demonstration of what can just go wrong when you’re least expecting it (video below).


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