VIDEO: Larry Larson takes wife Sherry for turbo Nova pass

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Among the cool things street car legend Larry Larson got to do while racing in Australia was to give some passenger rides, including one for wife Sherry.

Regulations in the USA prevent passengers in anything faster than 14 seconds according to Larry, so this was an opportunity to put someone into the passenger seat of his six second Nova – a first for him on the strip.

The idea came up to run a competition for a lucky punter to take the spare seat but there was someone quick to pipe up that she needed a go first – Sherry.

“When they came up with the plan to give someone else a ride she was sitting across the table and she said nobody was getting in that car to get a ride before she did so that laid down the plans for that,” he said.

Watching the onboard video from the run, Sherry looked almost nonplussed at the end of the pass, especially compared to a competition winner who also got a ride.

“She has ridden in it on the street so she wasn’t that excited as far as being nervous. I think I scared the hell out of the guy who rode with me. She enjoyed the ride, but he had no idea!”

You’ll be able to read more from our interview with Larry in issue 23 of Drag News Magazine, coming soon!

Check out the video below.

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