VIDEO: New GTR World Record…and then.

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The quickest street Nissan GTR battle is a ferocious one right now, with a new World Record holder crowned at the Melbourne Jamboree, before disaster struck.

Drag News Magazine featured Robert Marjan and his GTR in the latest issue (#21), they set the bench mark for the world’s quickest and fastest street GTR recently at Sydney Dragway – 7.898 at 187.13mph.

This means the GTR is street registered, runs full weight including full interior and on radials.

Since then we have seen [KING32] from Maatouk Racing come perilously close to that mark with a 7.90, and last weekend John Apostolopoulos brought [RH7GTR] back out of the shed for shot at taking back the record.

THE C&V Performance prepped GTR ripped at 7.879 at 177mph to take the the title back for the quickest of breed, though Marjan still keeps the speed mark

Unfortunately for Apostolopulos the day ended sour when a twist on the boost knob saw the GTR get loose and spear the wall near half track. Fortunately he walked away, and the car will be repaired.

“They say racing is fun and exciting, well I learnt that for the first time ever. After running the record 7.87 we decided to put some more in it, and unfortunately the car became unstuck and stepped out and couldn’t recover,” said Apostolopoulos on Facebook.

11th November Calder Park Jamboree 2016 1622

“I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it is – I’m OK and we live to fight another day. Car will be fixed and we will be out soon!” 

“I’m blessed to have a racing family that support and love what they do and in that I’m all the better for it. Con, Vic, Kef, Niko, Anthony, Bill and my son Panayiotis, you guys killed it today and I can’t thank you enough – this car is going to go a lot faster and we’re not stopping!”

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