VIDEO – Spinozzi doorslammer makes noise

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The Spinozzi Speedmaster Chevelle doorslammer edges closer to completion with the team showing off the first fire up.

The Spinozzi brothers wound up their Pro Stock racing team last year to unveil they were going doorslammer racing with a unique SCF built Chevelle, and teased us with the mock up design pictured above.

The car is now approaching completion for testing just a year later.

“This has been a massive task and we still have a good bit to go before we hit the track,” said Emilio Spinozzi.

“Lots of people to thank – Craig Burns and all the crew at SCF, our awesome crew Michael Marriott, Brad Deguara, Mark Brew, Dino Mosca, Raffaele Lavorato, Adamo Spinozzi and Anthony Miano for all their hard work and late nights to make it all come together smoothly.”

“I want to also thank everyone that has been involved in getting this deal done in under 12 months. It’s been a bigger job than I anticipated swapping class, but we are nearly ready to test – I actually think it might test us!”

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15181432 10154093129308443 1097263405550502082 n

A few spy pictures were released during construction on Facebook of what the body will actually look like. There is no doubt it will be a stunner in the doorslammer ranks once completed.

The fire up of the blown Noonan powerplant.


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