VIDEO: Spooky fuel altered scares the wall in New Zealand

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Morice McMillin was extremely proud to be back in his native New Zealand with a full fuel altered show in tow as part of the Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods, but he didn’t expect the wild finish to his day.

“How quickly can something go from one of the best days of your life to one of the biggest lows of your life,” he said.

Things had been going well, with McMillin scoring low ET points in round one and round two and racing against some of the world’s most famous fuel altereds in Graeme Cowin’s Spooky.

“I seriously never believed I would get to see the Rat Trap let along race against it,” he said. “And for the first time in a long time I got to race in front of family and friends, it was just surreal.”

In the final round the event took a turn for the worse for McMillin when he pedalled Spooky and turned hard left into the wall.

“I was pretty devastated and disappointed with myself for over stepping the mark. To my wife and family and friends, sorry for putting you through the emotional roller coaster that it was. Physically I don’t have a single bruise or pain which goes to show the safety in these cars.”

“Spooky will get a rebuild and be back out to play with the rest of the Aeroflow Nitro Hot rods real soon.”

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