VIDEO: The time a crazy guy stopped racing at a Calder Park street meet

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We’d heard about this bizarre incident at a Calder Park street meet a while ago but this is the first time we’ve seen video. This does come with a language warning! 

The event was proceeding like any other when it was interrupted by a couple of blokes who it seems wanted to do some skids in their Holden Commodore around the venue. Of course that doesn’t gel so well when you have a race event underway and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of hot street cars in the staging lanes.

From the video description:

“One night at Calder Park a crazy guy and his mate causally drove in and then started driving around nearly hitting cars. He was holding up the racing. The spectators and drivers were getting annoyed. The Calder Park crew then tried chasing him with the tractor. They eventually boxed him in. He then had a go at the crowd. Then a driver came over and stole the keys to the car and the chase began. Eventually the police came to deal with him. Footage was captured in November 2015.”

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