VIDEO: This is not your standard station wagon – wicked wheelstands

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Station wagons are usually reserved for shopping for groceries or demolition derbys – but are a rare sight in drag racing. At the Sydney Jamboree over the weekend, Danny Lansdowne made sure everyone remembered his after one of the wildest wheelstands we have ever seen at the venue. 

The Spot On Performance machine powered by a Toyota 2JZ plant is known for some killer skids but not for the front end hoisting antics it performed at the Jamboree. Lansdowne came out of the first qualifier and proceeded to bumper scrape the VL wagon shocking everyone, and we thought that wheelstand was crazy enough. 

Well Lansdowne out did himself during eliminations when the wagon went skyward again, higher and longer that the day before. But what comes up must come down, and the re-entry was violent, bouncing the VL onto its nose before reaching for the sky again and yet Lansdowne planted the boot unperturbed and runs a 9 second pass!

Check out the video and incredible photo sequences.




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