VIDEO: TRP crack new RB-powered World Record

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The RB-powered wars are hotly contested on Australian soil primarily between the TRP (Tony Rigoli Performance) and Maatouks Racing workshop in Sydney. The crown now sits with TRP after bashing out a 6.35 at 222mph last weekend.

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The RB hasn’t seen the development of some of the other six cylinder powerplants doing the rounds in the import work like the favoured 2JZ, but it is steadily seeing great performance gains with those who a choosing to concentrate on an alternative six banger bullet.

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With records being traded between TRP and Maatouk, the TRP dropped their running gear from their previous record-setting 300ZX, into a much more suitable new 350Z chassis. The team are now getting a handle on the new machine with that came the new World Record set last weekend at the Atura NSW Championship event at Sydney Dragway.

Watch it here courtesy of Madman Productions.

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