VIDEO: Turbo Camaro scrapes the bumper

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There are some very serious drag cars that are turning up to street meets around the country recently – and the Oosterwaal family’s Camaro is certainly one of them.

A regular at Perth Motorplex’s WhoopAss Wednesday events, the 2002 Z28 Chev Camaro belongs to Lindsay Oosterwaal and his brothers Josh and Con.

“We purchased the car in 2012 in Dallas, Texas where we used it to compete in Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week,” Lindsay said. “After finishing Drag Week the car was shipped to Perth.”

The brothers ran the car in naturally aspirated trim with just a few modifications, producing a best ET of 10.55 on radial tyres.

But there was some boost destined to be applied and during the off season the brothers went to work on an LS2 with single turbo, running on E85 fuel. All of the work was done in-house.

Despite only 5psi of boost currently being put in, there is some 700 horsepower on tap, going through 275 radial tyres.

“We are only running half track passes at the moment until we have the suspension dialled in and the launch down pat,” Lindsay said. “After that the rollcage will be tech inspected and we will be able to turn the boost up and run full track passes.”

Part of that dialling in process has been taming down some wild wheelstands. Check them out in the video below!


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