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We know how hot the battle is in the world of Nissan GT-Rs and Skylines, with the limits of their RB powerplants continually being pushed far beyond what anyone thought was possible.

Out of the house of Maatouk Racing, the king of the R33 scene now is Assaf’s R33 GTS-T [BYPOLA] after phenomenal 6.49 at 221MPH recently. Laying claim as the outright quickest and fastest R33 of any description, and just on a mere 275 tyre.

Take a close up look of this beast thank to Import Media.

“Well where do we start, firstly we have to appreciate the efforts of everyone involved to make this possible. The master Anthony Maatouk has always gone above and beyond to make me push and always developing his product and his support has been nothing short of perfect and I cannot forget everyone that has contributed to making this all possible,” said Assaf,

“6.49 at 221MPH making it the quickest R33 on planet earth, this was a hard quest but my family and support has made it this all possible. We cannot forget where this development began, and got me back in the seat to build BYPOLA once again is the infamous KING32.

“The development and drive behind this car has allowed us to push this far, within one year of racing, to be at this point is a dream come true, and a thank you is in order to Nader Nader.

“My pit crew deserves the highest of praise for supporting me throughout my journey, and what they have done has been nothing less then amazing. The work and effort put in, I can’t say anything more than I appreciate it all and this isn’t possible without you. Thank you!

“A special thank you, Maatouks Racing, Jammas Auto Sports, Haltech, Jason for the wiring, El patron, Sam (SOTOTECH), Plucka, my wife and family, Custom Bodyworks, my father in law Kenny for the bodywork, ST20, Import Media, Jason from Rocket, and whoever I missed out I thank you all. Bring on Midnight Mayhem!”

Midnight Mayhem is this Saturday night at Sydney Dragway, and the conditions are looking phenomenal. How high will we see the R33 bar raised?

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