Voluntary crew membership formalised for ANDRA events

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The system of voluntary ANDRA crew membership has now been formalised across all tracks and provides a new option for crew members to avoid lengthy queues for signing an indemnity.

Crew membership is available for just $44 a year and includes all the benefits of ANDRA associate membership such as the current ANDRA rulebook plus new rulebooks if the membership is still current, the quarterly ANDRA Fastlane magazine, two ANDRA stickers and an ANDRA membership card. You will also get a free divisional drag racing licence for vehicles 11.00 seconds and slower where applicable along with Category 2 ANDRA Personal Accident Cover at off-street meetings.

In addition, ANDRA crew membership allows the holder to sign an annual indemnity which means they are no longer required to sign in for an arm band at each event. Instead a clear pouch containing your blue membership card and event ticket must be worn whenever in ‘hot’ areas (those areas where an indemnity must be signed to have access) at the track.

This will be policed by track security and ANDRA stewards and there will be penalties if people are fraudulently using an ANDRA crew membership card when they have not signed the annual indemnity.

ANDRA crew membership can make a great gift for crew members on your team as they will not only get to bypass indemnity queues but also join you in being a part of one of Australia’s great motorsport associations.

Crew membership is voluntary and vehicle crew members will still be able to sign in for an arm band at the track if they wish.

Existing associate and full members who wish to add the crew membership indemnity to their existing membership can do so for a one-off $20 administration fee.

Licence holders can also add a crew indemnity to their membership of ANDRA for an annual $20 administration fee.

ANDRA crew membership forms are available on the ANDRA website


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