Voodoo dominates Adelaide

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The Nitro Voodoo Team, as first timers to Adelaide International Raceway, were eager to test the traction and braking zone at the Adelaide Track and had four Qualifiers to do so. Crew Chief, Roger Bloor said “the 1000 ft format was exciting along with the all asphalt track, ensuring the Team needed to be on their game quickly to ensure the machine would hook up on the relatively fresh track.

The Team did their customary walk of the Track and return road to see what they were in for over the weekend.

Bloor said “with some passes on the surface, along with plenty more rubber as the weekend progressed, the Sunday Elimination session should bring some good numbers up on the boards”.

Matheson was first out, launching hard with a solid 108 60ft only to go up in smoke from half track, still clocking a 5.38 at 197 mph, shutting off around the 700 ft mark.

Matheson said “the first shake down was really a data run and an opportunity to see how the braking zone worked for the bike”.

After a quick re-fuel and adjustment to the set up, the Nitro Voodoo machine was back out for another shot.

Bloor said, we had four Qualifiers to gather data and try to get the bike to gain traction on the track”.

Bloor went on to say “we had taken out a lot of power and clutch to get the 1500 horsepower machine down the track. Clearly, not quite enough, as Matheson continued to smoke the rear tyre in the second half of the runs”.

Despite the lack of traction, Matheson Top Qualified more than a second ahead of the field, as engine gremlins plagued the other competitors throughout Qualifying.

Elimination Day saw Matheson get straight to the semi-finals, with the depleted field of 4, winning over Victoria’s Graeme Morell on his stout small cubed Nitro Harley.

Matheson said “after the semi-final, Morell smashed him on the tree with a .486 to Matheson’s .629, however, we soon caught up getting the green light on the run”.

Crew Chief Bloor said “the set up to get the machine down the Track was to blow through the clutch to around 600 ft, with lock up around the 4 second mark for the final run against Porter”.

The Fraser Motorcycles sponsored V-Twin of Chris Porter was No.2 Qualifier and showing signs of punching out a strong number.

Porter, a seasoned racer, with a lethal reaction time, has competed all three rounds of the Pro-Series and is looming as a Championship top three contender, as he accrues points throughout the season.

Porter’s machine has undergone a total rebuild after a spectacular engine explosion almost twelve months ago, smashing the engine and chassis, Porter lucky to walk away in one piece.

As Matheson and Porter lined up for the Final, an Alcohol Dragster collided with the wall at around three quarter track, showering debris over the track. Officials confirmed no fluids had come in touch with the track, however, the delay was significant.

As time ticked by, Crew Chief Bloor paced the Start area, knowing that the air was changing and his tune up was going to change, as more horsepower came to the Nitro Voodoo machine as the air thinned out.

“Fire them up” as the Starter raised his arms and the crowd cheered as one. Matheson quickly saddled the bike and went through his start up procedures. As the bikes did their burn out, the crowd came alive in anticipation of a close race.

Matheson won the tree and launched aggressively in the groove, wrestling the 1500 Horsepower machine towards the finish line, shutting off early, with a 5.387 at 195.69 mph.

Matheson takes three from three and bags Lowest ET, Top MPH and charges towards another Championship in the Pro-Series.

Matheson, when asked how was the run said “great, the bike behaved well and the Team excelled, as they always do. My guys set the whole deal up, I pull the trigger and steer it”.

We struggled with the track as we made huge amounts of horsepower all weekend, with the sensational weather conditions.

The Track was a challenge to us, however, we had the same Track as all the race teams and overcame the conditions, getting a win.

Matheson said “the extra hands in the pit from new Team member Troy Thompson made a difference, it gives Roger and I a bit more time to review the data and strategize our race plan as the meeting plays out”.

Congratulations to runner up Chris Porter of Bad Bones Racing and his Fraser Motorcycle sponsored Nitro Harley. We look forward to racing the guys at Chris’ home Track in Sydney in a couple of weeks.

To all the Officials, Rino D’Alfonso from Racing Onn Promotions, ANDRA and all the fans, what a great weekend! We look forward to returning to Adelaide International Raceway in the new Season’s calendar.

Matheson has won two National Championships from is maiden foray into Top Bike and has taken many records along his way. A points lead of 168.5 ahead of his nearest competitor, sending a loud message to the Top Bike Teams, the first two Championships wins and
possibly a third could be three of many more to come.

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