VPW introduce Proflow Quick Latch

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No more Dzus clips and no more ugly pins for your bonnet and panels. Proflow now has a solution with its multipurpose push button fastener range.

These latches can handle 90 kilos of pulling force thanks to the unique snap lock design. The Proflow quick latch is machined from billet alloy and the latching mechanism is full stainless steel including the ball pin.
The applications these can be used on is endless and some include bonnets, boots, panels, sump guards and air cleaners. Available in full polished and high gloss black, these latches are show car quality. There is also a model for air cleaners available with a 105mm high stud to suit all size air cleaners.
These Quick latches is available in the following sizes:latch sizes
PFEQL10 – 31mm head 55mm stud
PFEQL15 – 44mm head 75mm stud
PFEQL20 – 59mm head 75mm stud
PFEQL70 – 31mm head 105mm stud
More new models available soon.
View the Proflow range here


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