WANT EXTRA PRIZE MONEY” Plus a Bonus as well !!!!!

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VPW Introduces its Own Racer Payout program  series for 2013.


Why not earn extra prize money by just add a sticker to you race car…  VPW is Committed to its customers by cashing out to all winners and runner ups at a series of listed events…  You can also earn 50% bonus by running Sunoco & M&H stickers…


$100 for the Winner
$50 for Runner Up

50% Bonus Money for Sunoco
50% Bonus Money for M&H

Conditions Of Entry
• Vehicle must display one clearly visable unaltered VPW decal (315mm x 130mm) per side
• Combined brackets will only be paid as one single class
• Application must be submitted via email to sales@vpw.com.au 7 days prior to each event
• Payments are $100 per event win and $50 per event runner up
• To claim email a photo showing decals to sales@vpw.com.au within 30 days of event
• Decals will be posted to the address on our webform


Download the application here.

50% Bonus Money
To be eligable for an additional 50% bonus money vehicle must be using a product and display one clearly visable unaltered decal per optioned brand. Proof of purchase from VPW or associated dealers to be supplied at time of claim.

Valid Events
• 5-6 January 2013
South Coast Raceway, Portland
• 1-2 February 2013
Perth Motorplex
• 16-17 February 2013
Calder Park, Melbourne
• 23-24 February 2013
Adelaide International Raceway
• 2-3 March 2013
Perth Motorplex
• 4-5 May 2013
Sydney Dragway
• 7-10 June 2013
Willowbank Raceway
• 28-29 June 2013
Alice Springs Inland Dragway
• 20-21 July 2013
• 16-17 August 2013
Hidden Valley Dragway
• 21-22 September 2013
Adelaide International Raceway
• 19-20 October 2013
Calder Park, Melbourne
• 26-27 October 2013
Sunset Strip,Mildura
• 1-3 November 2013
Sydney Dragway


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