Wayne Daley brings new Mopar for Pro Stock

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Queensland Pro Stock driver Wayne Daley is bringing some new weaponry to the Pro Stock right with an ex-Allen Johnson Dodge Dart being readied for competition.

Daley said the Jerry Haas-built Dart has a flexible timeline for its debut, with the team planning on using their existing Avenger to test a raft of new rule changes for the next season of Pro Stock, including unleaded fuel, reduced minimum weights and more rear wing.

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“At this stage we plan to run the current Avenger in testing and be 100% sorted with the new changes,” he said. “The Dart is going through a complete refurbishment to be at our standard of presentation. Plans to run the Dart will be made in time once we know our progress with the new changes with the current car.

“We have enjoyed the season with growing fields in the class, making it tougher and tougher each round, and plenty of new faces emerging to raise the levels of performance. 

“We would like thank Diamond T Products for their ongoing support with our team and the bracket and Tremaniac Racing for supplying us with a high horsepower, top rated, reliable engine package that has led the Avenger to be the fastest active Pro Stock car at 6.901/198.6mph.”


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