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Dragnews Australia is proud to announce our latest sponsor, LAT Australia performance lubricants. Welcome on board guys.

With over 40 years of experience in high performance racing, LAT has developed Engine and Gear oils designed to meet the severe demands of extreme automotive racing. Whether it is street, off-road, NASCAR or ProStock Drag Racing, LubeATech is the next generation in high performance racing oils. LubeATech oils are blended from the highest quality synthetic group IV and V base oils along with extreme pressure additives for those engines that reach high RPM levels along with high temperature levels.

Joe and Tony Polito are excited to be associated with LAT Australia performance lubricants.

“LAT Australia’s range of high performance lubricants will satisfy the the most demanding racer” says Tony ” We are proud to make them readily available to racers through our distribution centre” he added.

Give Tony or Joe a call on (02) 96097706 for further information and pricing or Click on the logo to enter the world of LAT Australia racing products.

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