Welcome Pro 9 and JL Racecars

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Drag News Australia is proud to have Pro 9 and JL Racecars aboard as launch sponsors.

PRO9 started with a desire to manufacture high quality race car components that had a cool futuristic look.

They then researched all the different products on the market and felt there was some things they could design and redesign and have a good quality product list. With a total combination of over 35 years experience in building and racing drag cars from Group 4 to Group 1 they were going to have some kind of a head start.

They set out to turn their desire into some cool looking, high quality, precision racecar components.

They are in the process of designing and manufacturing all parts associated with the rear of the car, from the suspension to the parachute mount.

The aim they want to acheive is to supply customers the most high quality products that are really simple to mount and assemble. Parts that anyone can assemble to their chassis or body easily and which are serviceable as well as looking good.

These products also had to be priced right as the company has a dislike about being over-charged. They feel their pricing is well structured to cater for both the home chassis builder through to the top class builders.

They will endeavour to supply you with a high quality service as well as a variety of options of products.

Make sure to check out www.pro9.com.au or email chassissales@bigpond.com for JL Racecars.

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