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You’re probably thinking here’s another news website, regurgitating press releases and pretty much imitating whatever goes on to the ANDRA site. With all due respect, we hope to change that.


We will still bring you that official news, but we will also bring original content and in-depth race reports, something never before seen in a website in Australia. This is not just a portal to news you can find elsewhere, but a place to come for new information.


These are some grand plans no doubt and they will take several months to come to fruition. But it is a task we look forward to to be able to bring the online coverage of drag racing the sport has been crying out for.


We are keen to build up a positive community of fans to follow us. The chat room will provide a place for fans of the sport to discuss it (regular meet ups on Thursday nights from 6pm!). The comments section will let you have your say on what is going on. And we will also soon have a forum.


This is something we have thought at some length about. There are certainly problems with the current major forum in Australian drag racing . Negativity and the anonymity of posters has resulted in many racers and people in the sport not posting on there and the experience is less rich as a result. This is something we hope to change. This means there will be more moderation but it is also a different standard we will expect of our community. Constructive debate and a good spirit will be the aim of the game – not meaningless squabbling. Going on a forum should not have to be a frustrating experience.


To get the most out of Drag News Australia we encourage you to register. This gives you a profile which you can fill out and you can also add your own avatar (a picture of your car or bike for example). This will give you access to member only sections of the website which we will develop more of over time. Click on “User” in the menu at the top to change your profile settings once you have logged in.


If there is anything you would like to see on this website to better cover Australian drag racing please let us know.


This website has largely been a labour of love so far but with the proper resources we know we can provide a better level of service to Australian drag racing fans. This is a totally free website and will likely always remain so. If you would like to support this service then we encourage you to look into our advertising opportunities (email advertising@dragnews.com.au to find out more) or donate via PayPal (coming soon).


You’re obviously here because you love drag racing and we are also passionate about this sport in all its forms.


So for now, keep off that centre line, watch for that last amber (or top one for you delay box users!) and remember to enjoy this great sport.


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Rob Sparkes
Grant Stephens

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