Weston red light ends his run

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Shane Weston continues to make mid five second runs come easily from the family Top Alcohol dragster as the Perth Motorplex season continues.

Between events the team displayed at the speedway to help spread the word about drag racing.

“After coming off a high from the last event the team only had two weeks to turn the dragster around,” Weston said. “This is a complete tear down of the engine back to the block to check everything before building again.

“This was cut short as the Perth Motorplex wanted some drag cars for the speedway event to show so we had to get it all done and ready within four days for the weekend.

The crew did a great job getting this done and we headed down on Saturday to the Perth Motoplex speedway event.

“We all had a great time watching and talking to the interested public about the dragster.”

It was back to the strip side of the Motorplex on November 29 where the team was participating in the third round of the track championship.

“The weather for this event was nearly the same as the last event, so not much was going to change with the tune up,” Weston said. “We just had to do more laps to work out the tyre shake problem that we were getting still.”

In the lead up to the event things got stressed when new tyres turned up with flaws.

“The new tyres had all little cuts over the surface of them so we had to rush home and get the old ones and swap these over,” Weston explained. “Not what you want to be doing before a race meeting.

“First pass of the day was around 4.00pm. Track was good and we managed a 5.61 @ 247mph. It was an okay pass straight off the trailer and that was the quickest pass down the track so far.

“Back at the pits the engine was checked over and the data downloaded. Everything was all good and we were out again just after 6pm. The track would come around as it did last meeting so we placed a little more into the dragster. The car left good, but started to shake a little at the top of first gear so there was a quick pedal for a 5.65 @ 250mph.

“The first elimination round around 8.15pm was against Russell Ladbrook’s AA/FC. Was going to be a good race, but a red light was brought up on the tree (-0.028).”

Weston will be back at Perth Motorplex on December 28.


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