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Geoff Blake’s first shot in Top Alcohol trim with his FED turned out a little more eventful than planned with a big power wheelstand in testing on the weekend.

The car has run comfortably quick without wheelie-bars before, so the wheelstand was a surprise for Blake. “I’ve run 6.4 at 220mph without them before, I thought it would be OK – glad I entertained people,” he said.

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After working out through a few gremlins with fire-ups during the week, Blake was hoping to put down some laps in preparation to run in Pro Alcohol at the Nitro Champs next weekend. Unfortunately now that seems unlikely with damaged sustained following the wheelstand.

“I’ve bent the front A-arms so I’ll need to make a new set. I’m pulling the body panels off today,” he said.

“I’m bummed, but I probably won’t make the Nitros. I want to make some decent test passes first. That was the plan for yesterday but we all know how that turned out,” he laughed.

“The car isn’t bad but I want to figure out what my next move will be.”

Video of the wheelstand courtesy of Fast Performance Videos.

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