What’s fresh in Queensland Modified?

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There’s a couple of new dragster-driver combinations kicking around in Modified at Willowbank Raceway lately, sure to add to an already tough field of racers.

Peter Duffy (above) has found himself in many different seats through his life including looking after the media centre at Willowbank Raceway and even steering monster trucks, but now he has a very cool front engine dragster with nitrous-assisted big block Chev power

The car is an ex-7.60 index racer from the States and is set to stick around in Modified here in Australia.

On first runs recently at a Willowbank test and tune, the team ran the car to a series of early shut off passes as they got used to the combo, finishing up with a 9.73 at only 96mph on the final run.


Also out recently has been Rod McAuley, a former Super Sedan racer who has purchased this Modified dragster locally in Brisbane.

McAuley used to run the ‘Agent Orange’ one-tonner but the rail is a step up in performances with its 400ci Chev taking it to a best of 8.32/159mph in his debut.

McAuley says he is hoping for 8.1 second passes eventually.

Finally comes Blaze Hansen’s very quick mini dragster. This one has been around for a while now but it never hurts to show it off again! Powered by a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa motor, it has been well into the sevens but as you can see from the video can be very wild on track.

Information with thanks to Mal Burgess/blacktrack.com.au. Check out his website for full galleries.


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