What unique engine makes this dragster move?

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A new dragster recently had its first hit out in Queensland with a different kind of powerplant behind the driver.

The Thomas4parts rail had Blaze Hansen behind the wheel for its first shakedown runs. Lee Thomas and friend Alex built the car with Hansen finishing off some of the details as well as the body work.

A 2.2 litre Chevy Ecotec motor has been used with twin turbochargers attached along with a Powerglide transmission.

The plan is for Roxy Thomas, Lee’s wife, to drive the car.

“I’m just doing the first few shakedowns to make sure it all handles well before she jumps in as she doesn’t have much fast car experience beyond 11s,” Hansen said.

The team had what they described as a ‘small setback with the engine’ but plan to be back and testing again soon.



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