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Photos show stage one of Willowbank Raceway’s track upgrades are powering ahead thanks to the $11million Federal Government Grant provided to the venue to upgrade the track surface, lighting and general amenities.

The entire asphalt track surface has been ripped, with just the 200m of concrete track remaining, deemed to not need replacing by engineers. With the track surface removed, major civil work has begun on solving drainage issues both beside the track, and the clay subsurface under the track. These areas are the root causes of many of the track’s issues after rain, where the clay ground has held water.

Work is also underway to relay much of the staging lanes, and changes to the turn around will also implemented.

Track lighting will be upgraded, and the electrical infrastructure is being prepared for that currently.

New amenities blocks will be a welcomed addition which will provide both extra toilets and showers, while the existing toilet blocks will improved and made vermin-proof.

Weather delays pending, racing is expected to resume in November.

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