Willshire reclaims four cylinder world record

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Queensland’s Collin Willshire struck back in the fight for the world’s quickest four cylinder sedan at Orlando Speed World Dragway on Thursday night, hitting a new best of 6.200/225mph.

Muhammed Ali took the record from Willshire last month in his Tekno Toyz Nissan 200SX with a 6.228, but it didn’t take long for the Australians to return fire, taking advantage of cooler air as Orlando gets closer to winter.

Willshire’s 6.200 came on what was meant to be a planned early shut off run.

“We were concerned the track would be off,” Willshire explained.

“The car felt really good to me so I stayed into it. The car was a little bit skatey around the place. There were great (cool) temperatures and we needed to use that to our advantage, turbo cars love cold air obviously.

“All the shifts were good and everything went to plan, we got our record back.”

While the crew were quick to radio through the news, Willshire had his hands full in the braking area.

“One of the chutes got tangled and the car went to the wall really hard and it gave me a little bit of a fright. This track is really dark down there.  When my team said in my earpiece I went 6.20, I was still calming down from the braking area incident.”

Willshire, along with a contingent of other Australian teams, begun qualifying on Friday for the World Sport Compact Finals, which takes place this weekend in Florida. Check out the video of the 6.20 run below!

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