Wilson walks away from testing accident

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Sydney Top Doorslammer racer Jeff Wilson has survived a violent accident relatively unscathed when he lost control of his Corvette Top Doorslammer during testing at Sydney Dragway.

Wilson was attempting his first pass of the test and tune event when disasters struck. The Corvette Top Doorslammer launched towards the center line breaking traction at the top of first gear snapping rapidly sideways leaving Wilson as a passenger for the rest of the ride. The car impacted the right wall head on jamming the throttle open hurtling the once beautiful Corvette into the left wall with even more force than the hit.

Track officials reported Wilson was knocked unconscious but came too when emergency personnel arrived virtually seconds after the car came to a halt. Wilson was transferred to a ambulance and transported to the local hospital for assessment.

Sydney Dragway released a update later that evening on Wilson who is also the venues Vice Chairman, “Jeff Wilson has been discharged from hospital and is on his way back to the track. Great news and testament to the strict safety regulations imposed by ANDRA.

The damage to the car is extensive and at this stage its undetermined if the Corvette can be salvaged.

Dramatic photo sequence by Cackling Pipes and video courtesy of Fast Performance Videos.


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Drag News Australia sends their thoughts to Jeff Wilson and hope to see him back on track in the near future.



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