Winter Warm Up Highlights Days 1 and 2

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The Winter Warm Up is the prelude to the Castrol Edge Winternationals, a number of new cars debuted and many group one teams took the chance to test, here is some of the highlights with plenty of photos highlighting the action.



Day 1

Grima suprised a few people with a 7.06 off the trailer.

Newcombe debuted his new Mustang with a 7.10.

Porter has a new split personality look, Aaron Tremayne and Jason Hedges both run 7.09’s.

Jamie Noonan managed a 5.76 shut off but was combating serious shake, a 5.74 Jon Sting now has him in the Top Alcohol ballpark.

John Canulli ran 6.13 in his new Camaro purchased off Dan Phillips.

Top Doorslammer newcomer Rino Dalfonso it still struggling to come up up with a set up.

Russell Pavey cranked out a 6.11 personal best.

Ben Bray also was back in form with a 5.93 and a big welcome back too Victor running a stout 6.11.

Mark Drew unicycles to a 6.59

6.52 had Rod Harvey leading the Super Compact racers.

Archie Kajewski gave the Mazfix its first six with a 6.93i

Colin Willshire ran a 7.6 also out in his new Mitsubishi Super Compact car.

There was plenty of record breaking Competition and Super Stock passes, Pete Zelow goes 6.77 in A/DA.

Jason Simpson 8.29 in G/GAS.

Fowler ran a 7.02 at 197, but are still yet to put down a clean pass to unleash the six second potential of their new 796ci Super Sedan GXP.

Shannon ran a 6.62 at 210 in his new blown SCO altered.

Luke Marsden was another new outlaw car to turn out and ran a 7.1

Day 2

A lot of racers returned for a second days shot at the track.

Andrew Stavroulakis dropped 7.06 ET slight quicker than Grima’s time yesterday to be the quickest Pro Stocker of the Warm Up

Dave Newcombe went 7.10 and did Peter Ridgeway.

Scott Porter clocked a 7.11, Tyronne and Aaron Tremanyne went 7.12 and 7.14 respectively.

After a encounter with his tow car a patched up Brian Pursell ran 7.15 and Wayne Dayley a 7.18.

Gary Phillips ran a couple of passes in the 50’s with a 5.56 best, while Steve Reed went 5.72

Jon Sting layed down a 5.75 and will be a contender.

Ben Bray was really finding some form running 5.88, Victor ran a 6.15 before a big flaming engine explosion.

Tony DeFelice was fighting tyre shake again, but did manage a 6.13

Plenty of shake for Pavey as well

West Aussie Murray O’Connor struggled again today could only manage a 6.29 best.

Some launch issues from Gilbo here.

Mark Slater launches his Super Stock 200S as the record beating continued in group two like Justin Simpson who went quicker again a 8.28 in G/G, Nino Cavallo was one of the several others under national records as well with a 7.74.

Chris Hall was running his BB/OM RX7 but Rod Harvey was the Super Compact star going 6.43 well under the AA/SC record

Dave Tucker was back on track after his spectacular accident a few years ago

Greg Fowler cracked his first six in the new car with a 6.98.

Click below for plenty more photos from both days action, you can still review all the results from both days by clicking on the live event coverage page.

All photos by Paul “Plucka” Drady and Hayley “Hollywood” Turns for


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