Winternationals washout concludes the 2010/2011 Australian Championships

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The Castrol EDGE Winternationals and the Australian Championships final round at Willowbank Raceway have concluded with the event being a total washout! ANDRA is extremely disappointed that such an important component of our events calendar has concluded in such a way. Notwithstanding that, ANDRA has already commenced planning a new “National Events Template” which will ensure that new risk mitigation strategies will be in place to prevent a re-occurrence of last weekend’s outcomes.

With the ever changing weather patterns in Australia, It is critical that we better manage how we run our major events.

Secondly, we also confirm that due to the non-relenting rain which affected two attempts / weekends to complete the Australian Championships, ANDRA have officially declared the Australian Championships over in order that the season can be finalised for all stakeholders. Section 2.2 on page 25 of the ANDRA Rule Book states: ‘”Where rounds of the Australian Group One Championships are affected by weather, the minimum possible points, including the performance bonus points, will be allocated where at least one round of qualifying has been completed”.

ANDRA has received numerous calls from disappointed racers and whilst empathetic, we have simply stated that it is impossible to extend the Australian Championship into next season’s calendar for a number of reasons. Although it may be possible for some racing categories it’s totally impossible for others, ANDRA has chosen the most equitable pathway and has adhered to the Rule Book.

Finally, ANDRA is very mindful that everyone wants a fair go and to this end we will be developing new strategies such as the previously mentioned “National Events Template” which will ensure that each and every event that’s run in the 2011/12 Season will have the greatest opportunity of being concluded with a full set of results.

ANDRA would also like to commend all the racers who made the commitment to attend the rerun of the Winternationals; your passion and endeavour is greatly appreciated. A huge thanks is also extended to the Willowbank team and the officials and volunteers who did an outstanding job in such extremely trying circumstances.

Results for the 2010/2011 ANDRA championship have been complied including; Australian Champions, Divisional Champions, Professional Racers Cup, John Storm Memorial Trophy & the ANDRA Shield.

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