World Record smashers

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If you have been living on another planet you may have missed several major World Records cop an absolute bashing in the last few weeks. Both ET records for blown and turbo doorslammers along with the Rotary record have been abused.


At the sensational Street Car Supernationals from Las Vegas, the biggest and baddest gathering of anything with doors anywhere had a big dollar carrot was hung out for the first 5.6 Doorslammer pass.


The Outlaw Pro Mod bracket was where it was at with little rules except for the need of doors. Eric Dillard got close first up in the “El General” turbo Camaro with a 5.706 at 260MPH the quickest pass of all time at that stage had the turbo fan roaring.


Less that 24 hours later though the veteran team of Camp and John Stanley silenced the turbo teddies and rocketed to a 5.644 at 253MPH with their blown ADRL Pro Mod Camaro then backed it up with a 5.648 also at 253!

Mick Maggio snuck into the 5.6 club in his blown Camaro cranking a 5.965 at a hammering 260MPH.


A change in engine capacity and the Rotary world record was absolutely demolished by the Major League RX8 team from Puerto Rico, the 6.4 old mark was hacked down with a 6.278 at 218MPH.




The too and throw Rotary battle between the local PAC Performance Mazda6 and the Major League team has caused near Facebook meltdown with passionate fan sledging. However the PAC team can take heart that their 222MPH is still untouched knowing that World Record ET potential is still there.


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