World’s quickest RX3 heading down under

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Sport Compact racers Mal Glassett  and George Marcevski have purchased the “Ian Racing” RX3 and are bringing it back to Australia after a short tour of Puerto Rico and USA.

Glassett from Hurricane Racing has campaigned a number of cars from rotaries to a six second 2JZ Solara, while Marcevski also had a potent RX3 couple out of the PAC stable. Both racers travelled to Puerto Rico the capital of Sport Compact racing and purchased the RX3 turn key which has clocked 6.9 ET at 199MPH, the quickest in the world.

The team have already made licensing passes completed their first event at Puerto Rico’s famed Salinas Speedway and top qualified.

“We went out for the first qualifier went a 7.16@ 187, pulled the chute little early because the last ride was a little hairy in the deep end,” said Glassett.

“We sat out for the second qualifier to watch some racing as we top qualified, we then came out for the first round and did not do a good burnout. The other car had already staged and I staged the car quickly, come on the two step, let the clutch out and spun the tyres violently. We lost the run but that’s racing, we were very impressed so were our Puerto Rican friends and that we were the fastest car all night.

“We are pretty confident that the car would have gone in the 7.0 s @ 190 plus in the next run but I am still getting used to the car.

Dubbing the team Wolfpack Racing, they intend to compete at another Puerto Rican event before heading  stateside to Englishtown for the Sport Compact Spring Nationals and Summer Sport Compact Slam in April and June respectively. The car will then be shipped back to Australia in time for the Jamboree at Willowbank Raceway.

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