Wroes racking up the wins in Super Street

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There’s a sister act at Perth Motorplex right now and it’s going on in Super Street.

Kirstie Wroe, 21, earned her first event win at the Grand Opening event, defeating brother Nicholas, in the final. Kirstie is following in the very successful footsteps of twin sister Ashleigh who last season took out the State championship.

“Growing up I never actually had any desire to get behind the wheel till one day I kicked Ashleigh out of her Torana,” Kirstie said. “And that was it, I wanted to race.

“She is my inspiration that’s for sure. Ashleigh is an awesome driver and she showed that last year. I couldn’t be more proud of my twin sister.

“Last year we built the Monaro. I am only a new racer so I’m not sure where I want to go in my drag racing future – maybe one day I will figure it out.”

If the early career form is anything to go by, Kirstie may be in for a few more trophies yet, and they could come as soon as this Saturday’s Washpod WA Drag Racing Championships.

Super Street is an entry level drag racing bracket open to cars running between 11.00 and 12.99 seconds. No delay boxes or throttle stops are permitted so drivers must be skilled at knowing when to launch on the tree.

“My car ran consistently all day but racing in Super Street is always tough,” Kirstie said. “There are so many good racers with good packages who don’t always win. A lot depends on luck. Maybe it was my new lucky race number 1118 to match the Wroe family’s triple one numbers.”

While Kirstie’s day went much to plan, she said her brother did well to reach the final, having to deal with his Holden Commodore not being happy.

“Nicholas snapped a valve spring first run of the day so as you can expect the car wasn’t running well. But he is a great racer and he knows his car so well he took out runner up.”

Kirstie said it is fun to race her siblings and there are definitely bragging rights on the table.

“Every race is hard, I race against some awesome drivers who do killer lights and run on their dial ins every run. Racing family is always fun, there is a little sibling rivalry but we are always so happy for each other no matter who wins or loses.

“However I did write my name on my trophy as soon as I got home, just so there wasn’t any confusion!”


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