Zappia reflects on amazing 5.71 pass

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Reigning Australian Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia ran the quickest Top Doorslammer pass in the country over the weekend at the Perth Motorplex.

He reset his own local track record and also went under his own Australian national record in preparation for the upcoming first round of the ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship.

The run was not an official Top Doorslammer pass, as the Fuchs/Striker Crushing and Screening Monaro was competing in a Group 2 event, but it has serious merit both in this country and internationally.

The pass was still recognised by the Perth Motorplex for the track record and will lower the TD index for future meetings. Top Doorslammers in Australia weigh 2700 pounds minimum, and run a D Series PSI screw blower at 108 maximum over drive.

“I was a little uncertain whether the track could hold the setup I had in the car,” said Zappia. “It was 3pm in the afternoon – our first pass off the trailer, but Gerry told me the track was there after measuring it with our track meter, so we left the setup and went for it.”

Running sub 1.0 second sixty feet times is not something Zappia has been known for – rather his mid track and quick finishes. But Zap rattled off a 0.980 at the 60 foot and carried the front wheels to the 330’ in 2.538 seconds, 3.771 to the 660 at 200.99mph and past the new finish line read out boards at 5.718 @ 252.80mph.

“The shortened wing has definitely helped in our top end speed and given us more flexibility with our setup,” said Zappia. “Awesome run from the driving seat! The front wheels were in the air through the second gear change then continued to lift the left front wheel to the 330. The car weighed in 20 pounds overweight, so we still have options to try and reduce the weight to get closer to the 2700lb limit.”

The crew made the necessary changes and had to repair a broken clutch pedal in the process. Thanks from the team went to Clyde Carstairs from Bravo Resources for his magic repairs and welding.

The compulsory qualifier at 6pm in the Top Comp bracket saw the “Crusher” Monaro launch with an even bigger wheel stand and shake – forcing Zap to double pedal to straighten the car and pass through for a low 6.044 at 246.57mph.

“I think the oil down before our bracket may have upset the traction on the left rear slick and forced the car to drive to the left,” he said. “Ultimately it does come down to the track surface on the day and how accurately we can adjust for that, but overall we are excited about the potential.”

The meeting came to an abrupt end after an external power transformer exploded and burst into flames at around 7.45pm, cutting most of the power to the Perth Motorplex.

Zappia Racing will go over the Fuchs/Striker Crushing and Screening Monaro in fine detail in preparation for the completion of the rescheduled event, as a lead in to the first round of Top Doorslammer action on 9/10 January for the Home Group WA Nitro Slam event. The team thanked Rod Britton and his track staff for preparing a great racing surface which should give the crowd some great racing in the upcoming events.

“Thanks to the many sponsors, supporters and fans that came up in the pits and congratulated the team on the run,” Zappia said. “There is a sense of excitement in the team as we continually push the boundaries in our racing.”


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