RESULTS – Zelow, Newby, Matheson and Tremayne claim gold at the Santos Super 3

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The first night of the 400 Thunder Santo’s Super 3 Extreme has been run and won. The large crowd was treated to some awesome racing from the 4 Pro classes, along with the supporting brackets.

John Cannuli breaking a wheelie bar and getting the CrossRoads Racing Pro Alcohol Funny Car sky high lead the highlight reel from the night, Steve Reed top qualified with a 5.64.

Wayne Newby blew away the field with a 4.53 ET in Top Fuel during the elimination round, US visitor top qualified with a 4.65.

In Pro Stock, Lee Bektash hit the best lap in one shot qualifying with a 7.02, and a strong 6.55 for Chris Matheson held the Nitro Voodoo machine on the top of the Top Fuel Bike sheets.

Running the three round format, the final results were as follows.

B Finals:

The B final in Top Fuel saw Cory McClenathan take on Peter Xiberras, with Cory Mac taking a fire-ball win with a 4.63 @ 284mph over a 4.70 @ 296mph.

The B final in Pro Alcohol saw Rob Ambruosi take on Gary Phillips, with Phillips taking a win with 5.46 @ 242mph over a 6.95 @ 140mph.

The B final in Top Bike saw Steve Badcock take on Gavin Spann, with Badcock taking the win with 7.48 @ 170mph over Spann’s no time recorded.

The B final in Pro Stock Car saw Tyronne Tremayne take on Lee Bektash with Leigh taking an awesome win with 7.06 @ 195 mph over a a red lighting 7.10 @ 177mph.

A Finals:

The finals in Top Fuel saw Damien Harris take on Wayne Newby in an all Rapisarda shoot-out, with Newby taking a fantastic win with 6.10 @ 151mph over a 8.78 @ 94mph

The finals in Pro Alcohol saw Steve Reed take on Peter Zelow, with Peter taking the win with 5.73 @ 243mph over a 5.75 @ 200mph.

The finals in Top Bike saw Chris Matheson take on Chris Porter, with Matheson taking a great win with 6.36 @ 203mph over a 6.87 @ 170mph.

The finals in ProStock Car saw Aaron Treymayne take on Emilio Spinozzi with Aaron taking an awesome win with 7.06 @ 194mph over a 7.40 @ 152mph.

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