October 5, 2016

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Davies to doorslammer

Michelle Davies – Australia’s Outlaw 10.5 racing queen – and Davies Racing have announced they will stepping into the big shoes and going doorslammer racing with the ex Dupond Mustang.

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2016 Thunder in the Tropics 1084

RESULTS: 400 Thunder In The Tropics

The new 400 Thunder series has kicked off with the running of the 400 Thunder In The Tropics event at Springmount Raceway in Cairns – the event was the opening round for Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle and Sportsman.

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1st October Big Money Race 2016 606

RESULTS: Spring Fling Big Money Race

Big dollar bracket races are big business in the U.S. with cash purses reaching one million dollars chased by professional sportsman racers. While we are not in the same league here, Ken Lowe has tried on the concept at Willowbank Raceway.

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