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Michelle Davies – Australia’s Outlaw 10.5 racing queen – and Davies Racing have announced they will stepping into the big shoes and going doorslammer racing with the ex Dupond Mustang.

Michelle has been wrestling the team’s menacing blown Torana in Outlaw 10.5 racing setting benchmarks for the fairer sex on the world stage, so to step up with a new doorslammer is no suprise – even if it is a Ford.

“We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a new race car and we will be stepping up to slammer next year,” said Davies Racing on their Facebook page.

“As anyone that knows us well would know, we are definitely a Holden Family through and through. However sometimes you have to take a plunge in life, and when we were given the opportunity we were given by Steve Dupond to own his immaculate SCF Racecars built 1967 Mustang we just couldn’t say no, and had to take that plunge – but trust us there will never be a F… badge on it.”

There was no hesitation for Michelle to lace up the big shoes, despite the idea of running on the familiar size 10.5’s

“Originally we had planned on putting the car on 10.5’s and going back into the class we love so dearly until we learnt the car and our new setup, and maybe step up in the future. But Shell being Shell – not a chance! Let’s step it from the start – She is super excited to bring it out and compete in slammer and Extreme from the start,” the team said.

The car will be sent to Craig Burns at SCF to make some modifications to fit Michelle’s smaller stature amongst other things, before it heads to Custom Bodyworks where it will get the treatment and look that is synonymous with Davies Racing.

The Mustang should be on track in January for testing.

MichelleDavies OTF 4755 300416 45

“We would like to thank all our crew, sponsors, family and friends for sticking with us and coming on this new venture with us: Jake, Brody, Mum, Dad, Trent, Lee, Cookie, Danny, Al, Wayne, Brett, Sam, 2x Pete’s, Joe, Jeff, Craig. Plus Custom Bodyworks, Al’s Race Glides, Lucas Oils, Pro-Logistics, Newby Engineering, Shannons Insurance, Camden Signs, Trent’s Killer Mechanical, SCF Racecars,  

Davies Towing, Bad Image Custom Paint, Peter Snell’s Powdercoating, Kryptalon by Aeroflow, Liquid Clothing Co, PPG Vibrance Paint. This genuinely couldn’t happen without all of the above mentioned and we are truly grateful,” said Davies Racing.

You can follow Davies Racing on Facebook here.

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