And so it continues…ANDRA’s reply to the track’s reply to ANDRA’s reply to the tracks

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The war of words has continued between ANDRA and the rebel tracks with tit for tat announcements, the latest coming in another ANDRA member update.

“In recent media releases you may have seen a set of notes prepared by the 3 tracks management after our meeting on 6th June 2015.

It is disappointing to ANDRA that those notes have been made public in their current unapproved state. The tracks are aware that at no time has ANDRA agreed to the contents of those notes or the allegations in the notes.

The 3 tracks requested that I sign those notes however I would not due to a number of allegations/statements removed. For example the notes do not indicate that Phil Parker or Terry Jongen are the two directors referred to as ‘anti-track’.

For the record I prepared a detailed set of notes and forwarded them to the track representatives on 15th June 2015. I received their version on 16th July requesting that edited version be signed.

For the record in respect of the notes:-

At no time has ANDRA withheld or threatened to withhold a sanction from Sydney Dragway;

The TV has currently 340,000 viewers per show which is a significant increase since the Drag Limited V1. Recent reports to the contrary are totally incorrect, Drag Ltd reported on cumulative reach as we have. We were very careful to get apples with apples.

The cost of the TV is one third of the Drag Limited days. Cost reductions to members have started and will continue.

That Drag Limited was insolvent at the time of administration and ANDRA for the good of the sport took on the liabilities of Drag Ltd. We would not be able to repeat this if such an occurrence repeated itself.

Management and directors of the three tracks have refused mediation to date, unless their demands were agreed.

Mr Parker and Mr Jongen offered to all Divisional Directors to step down for the good of the sport however your remaining Divisional Directors rejected their offer and endorsed Mr Parker and Mr Jongen’s positions on the board.

It is disappointing the notes in their current form have been circulated however please do not accept they are true reflection of the meeting.

Once again thank you and good racing

Michael Fotheringham
ANDRA Chairman


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