ANDRA CEO stepping down

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The Australian National Drag Racing Association is sad to report it has accepted the resignation of CEO Greg Humphreys due to health issues.

Mr Humphreys joined ANDRA in December 2010 and was promoted to the CEO role in July 2011 and has since been very influential through his leadership in the sport, helping direct it through a number of important changes such as the rebranding process, the transition to a calendar year format, greater communication and transparency with our members and bringing new venues into the sport’s national series.

Though the news comes as a shock, a plan has been put in place to ensure a smooth transition to the interim CEO and the new CEO.

The Board has offered Mr Humphreys a consultancy role, which he has accepted, as the new people to the roles are brought up to speed.

ANDRA has appointed current commercial manager Rob Sharp as interim CEO, with his role to be covered by a short term contracted marketing and sponsorship professional. Mr Sharp will work closely with the marketing side of the organisation to continue good progress made with sponsorship for next season.

Mr Humphreys and members of the ANDRA Board will be meeting with teams at the Nitro Champs in Sydney in order to inform them of the positive ground that has been made to date and to talk about future initiatives for the growth of the sport.

ANDRA chairman Liam Waldron said the focus was now on a seamless move to a new CEO.

“Greg has done a fantastic job in his short time with ANDRA and it was with great reluctance that we accepted his resignation. We wish him all the best; health always has to come first,” he said. “We are glad that Greg has taken up our offer of a consultancy to assist the interim and new CEOs, giving the members of ANDRA business continuity.

“We are thankful to Rob Sharp for moving into the interim CEO role and with his already advanced knowledge of the sport and the organisation he will be able to hit the ground running. We remain focused on the forward vision.

“ANDRA will be advertising nationally for a new CEO and it is envisaged they will be on board by July or August.”

Mr Humphreys thanked the ANDRA members and the Board for its support.

“We’ve come a long way in the past 12 months and while it is disappointing to have to leave part way through the process I know that there are some very capable hands to steer the ship,” he said. “I look forward to supporting ANDRA’s new initiatives and the new CEO, albeit from an external office.”

Details of the racer meeting at the Nitro Champs will be announced soon.

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