Michelle Davies shifts gears to move up in Pro Slammer

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Michelle and Gareth Davies’ pace in Pro Slammer has been rapidly improving, with the Sydney team rolling out consistent 5.8s and moving ahead as a clear mid-pack threat.

While they haven’t had the outright pace to match the 5.6s and 5.7s produced by the likes of Steve Ham and John Zappia, the Davies are hoping to step up the performances of their Ford Mustang with a change in transmission.

Michelle Davies in her Ford Mustang Pro Slammer.

“We’ve just taken the three-speed Lenco out and put a Liberty five-speed in the car now,” Gareth said. “So hopefully with that, along with the new FuelTech and coil-on-plug system that we’re running now – which we are slowly getting our head around – we should be able to mix it up with the front runners.”

The 521ci TFX and BAE 8 cylinder heads are still providing plenty of power in the background for Michelle, who is one of the world’s quickest female sedan drivers.

“We are just attacking life and business daily in these very challenging times, but we’re doing okay. A sponsor definitely wouldn’t go astray!”

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