“F**k me what a ride!” – video

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That was Paul Mouhayet’s apt description when the chutes failed on his Outlaw 10.5 Mustang at 230mph last weekend during the Sydney Jamboree.

It was the Extreme final when the puckering up incident happened, Mouhayet won the race with a 6.12/232mph blast. This was the first full pass on the car since a extensive rebuild following his devastating tyre explosion where outstanding driving prevented that incident from being any worse than it was.

Crossing the finishing line though you can see Mouhayet frantically hitting the chute button on the wheel before going for the manual release, all to no avail. The Mustang darted left, which from a outside observers point of view looked like it was going to end very messy, but Mouhayet wrestled the Mustang off the wall before sending her into a 180 degree spin avoiding the sand trap and concrete walls at the end of the track.

The was no need to ask Mouhayet what the ride was like, his in car commentary says it all!




Image by CacklingPipes.com – Michael Wyllie

Video courtesy Moits Racing Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Moits-racing/117040688483998








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