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Rob “The Mad Professor” Taylor has realised a dream during the APSA Pro Street event at Calder Park last weekend – running a five second pass in his Camaro Top Doorslammer.

Taylor has been steadily stepping up the performance of his Camaro doorslammer and now has cracked the five second zone with a 5.995 ta 243mph in a time frame substantially quicker than many of his more experienced class rivals. 

It took some time for the run to sink in for Taylor. “I just wanted to sit for a bit and digest the last 72 hours,” said Taylor. “All I can say is wow! A big thank you to my family and crew, I have some of the smartest people on the planet around me – I am very thankful and feeling humbled.”

Some of those people Taylor alluded to are tuner Anthony Rodriques and engine man Ali Sead. 

“I asked my friend Ali Sead if he wanted to come help me on a car I’d been looking at the tuneup with,” said Rodriques after the event. “So six months ago we took it on and yesterday achieved our first five second doorslamer legal pass with Rob Taylor behind the wheel.”

“I was able to have another one of them life moments where you can tick off a box that seemed so difficult to achieve not so long ago. You need to surround yourself with the right people and nothing is ever impossible, you just haven’t worked out how to do it yet.”

“Life is a challenge, so what’s next? – bring it on!”

Taylor went on to cap of a perfect event with a win in the Outlaw Extreme bracket.

Here is the five second moment.




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