Frossos frustrated in first round

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The ACDelco 300ZX of Michael Frossos was out at the Perth Motorplex for the opening meeting looking forward to the season ahead, but not all went to plan for the quick Nissan.


On the third qualifying pass, the tyres shook and a broken track locator was the result. 

“Unfortunately given the turn around time to the first round we would not be able to repair the track locator properly, so making temp repairs we went out for the first round,” Frossos said. 

“Given we were out for the rest of the event we told our oponent and only staged the car. By staging the car we will get first round points, allowing us to make repairs and compete at the next event.”

The tean would like to invite all race fans to make their way down to the pit paddock and meet the team and driver at the next event, the Top Fuel match race on November 20.

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