Important new rules to be in effect at the Nationals

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Below is a list of items that will be in effect at the Fuchs Nationals. It is important that racers and officials understand which items will be enforced at the event. Any remaining items included in the 2011/2012 rulebook will be covered by the Rulebook Amnesty posted on the ANDRA website.


The following new rules will be enforced at the 2011 Fuchs Nationals;

ESP Declarations
The ESP declaration must be completed, signed and presented to track officials prior to participation in any event.

7 second Group One staging
If a competitor has failed to stage within twenty seconds for Groups 2,3 & 4 or seven seconds for Group 1 of his or her opponent being permitted to do so, then that competitor may be adjudged to be “sandbagging”, and the Starter may initiate the starting sequence, at his/her discretion. The non-staged competitor is disqualified, and no further penalty shall be exacted.

2300lb minimum weight for Top Fuel
Minimum weight at conclusion of run 1043.25 kg (2300lbs), including driver.

Ban on 2-step devices in Top Alcohol
The use of automated RPM control devices (i.e. Two Step) during launching and staging process, unless they have a fully automatic tranmission with a converter, is prohibited from use in Top Alcohol Eliminator from commencement of the 2011/2012 season.

Inclusion of MSD Grid 7730 for Group Three
From 01AUG11, MSD Grid 7730 will be allowed for competition in Group Three classes only except for Junior Dragster, this unit will be closely monitored and users will be subject to having the unit analyzed using the ANDRA scan tool to verify system use complies with requirements. Under no circumstances are additional devices allowed to be connected to this unit that control traction or ignition slew rate. Competitors found to be using these devices will be subject to penalties. Proven cases of misuse will result in immediate removal of this ECU from further competition.

36 hour testing
testing prior to any ANDRA Championship Event is permitted no later than 36 hours prior to the scheduled first qualifying run at that event for any participating vehicle.

Removal of parachute pins prior to burnouts
In all cases, parachute pins must be removed prior to being in the hands of the starter.

30 minute protest notification
Where a protest is received and accepted by ANDRA officials, a competitor subject to disqualification or protest must be notified within 30 minutes of the incident at which time the competitor has a maximum of 20 minutes to appeal the disqualification or protest.

New classes in Top Bike, Mod Bike, Altered and Dragster
Separate classes for multi-cylinder engine (TB/M) and twin cylinder engines (TB/T) both competing for the Top Bike (TB) Eliminator
Inclusion of D/MB & DD/MB classes
Inclusion of RR/AIA, RRR/AIA, RR/DIA & RRR/DIA to Competition eliminator.

Pro Stock Bike

Double-Bubble windscreens allowed

PSI Superchargers
PSI ‘C’ model superchargers prohibited

Junior Dragster
Delay Devices prohibited

Startline crew numbers
Maximum Crew including Driver
Top Fuel & Funny Car – 12
Top Alcohol – 7
Top Doorslammer – 7
Top Bike – 6
Pro Stock – 7
Pro Stock Motorcycle – 6
Group 2 Naturally Aspirated – 4
Group 2 Supercharged – 7
Supercharged Outlaws – 5
All other Group 3 and Group 4 – 4
Crew persons present at the startline must be performing specific duties, crew members not required for startline duties must not be present. All crew present at the startline should have adequate hearing protection.

Burnout safety
Standing directly in front of vehicles during burnouts is prohibited. Drivers are responsible to ensure that no person is in front of the vehicle prior to commencing a burnout, failure to comply can result in disqualification at the discretion of ANDRA officials

Minimum distance for crew at full stage

A minimum clearance of 3 meters must be maintained from the rear of the vehicle and any persons when the vehicle is in full stage

Self Starting
Once vehicle is in the hands of the starter, if the engine stops the vehicle will be disqualified from racing unless it can be restarted without outside assistance. The use of remote starters to restart a vehicle that has stalled is not permitted.

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