It was a good idea at the time…

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Chris Stevermuer’s attempt at reaching a low orbit during the wheelstand competition at Supernats was one of the highlights of the event – and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Stevermuer can normally being seen competing – and winning – in Pro Street Unblown at the APSA Shootout events, but was running at Supernats last weekend at Sydney Dragway when for some fun decided to enter the wheelstand competition. 

In past years the Supernats wheelstand competition has been somewhat mediocre with no one willing to risk their cars for sky high entertainment, so Stevermuer dropped the wheelie bars and had a go.

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The Sydney Dragway track was tight and when Stevermuer let go of the transbrake button, the big block Torana went for the sky.  With the back bumper scraping, Stevermuer kept the loud pedal hard against the firewall until he felt the Torana veer right before lifting off the noise.

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Re-entry was a rough one, the Torana crashing back to earth hard in a shower of sparks.

After pulling up Stevermuer called for the ambulance with pains in his back but fortunately checked out okay, while the car itself was unharmed thanks to fitted wheelstand protection bump stops underneath.

A hurting and ruing Stevermuer said his wheelstand career is now over, and while still a little sore and sorry he came back the next day to compete in the drag racing eliminations – with wheelie bars back on.

And yes he did win.





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