Swan Hill track issues cancel Melbourne Jamboree, Drag Challenge also affected

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Jamboree Australia Pty Ltd and Swan Hill Dragway have both agreed that the Melbourne Jamboree at Swan Hill Dragway on November 16/17 will not go ahead due to issues with the racing surface.

The track is continuing to show movement due to expansion and contraction of the asphalt at the top end of the quarter mile. This expansion and contraction of the surface can lead to variations in the track levels that are not conducive to high speed race cars at the fastest part of the race track.


Jamboree issued a statement as follows:

“Swan Hill City Council must be commended for their dedication and commitment to rectify this issue. Jamboree Australia Pty and Swan Hill Dragway both support their efforts and know that they will get this situation corrected in the short to medium term.

“Jamboree Australia would like to thank Swan Hill Dragway and Swan Hill City Council for their continued support of the sport in Victoria and our events.

“Jamboree Australia Pty Ltd will provide refunds to ticket holders and the entrants who have already committed to attend or race at the event.

“Jamboree Australia Pty Ltd and Swan Hill Dragway apologise for any inconvenience caused due to this announcement.

“For further Information please email Jamboree Australia Pty Ltd at info@jamboree.com.au.”

Street Machine’s Simon Telford said in the Drag Challenge Facebook group that their event, which was due to race at Swan Hill on two days, has also been affected. Drag Challenge will still be going ahead however, with a different track to fill in the days.

Swan Hill Dragway had significant repairs performed on its racing surface just two years ago due to the same issue, we here at Drag News will keep our fingers crossed the issue can be solved permanently to let this great venue meet its potential.

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