Sydney Dragway Chairman update 21st March

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Well folks despite our best endeavours and prayers the rain god was against us.  We know this leaves us with ticket and entry fee issues –  we are looking at this and will let you know via the website and email as to what will happen.

And yet the weekend did leave us with some positives.  My heartfelt thanks go to all of you hardy racers and spectators – the feeling in the pits was one of extreme goodwill.  I know we didn’t get to see and talk to everyone but Pieter and I genuinely appreciated the warmth you exhibited to us as we moved through the pits.  Special thanks to the Cowin Team, the Stipanovich Team and Vic Bray for making an effort to bring something different to our event.  Perhaps we can do it again in the future!

I hope you liked some of the changes and that you will be back.  Our next Track Championships on April 8th and 9th will feature ANDRA Pro Series Pro Stock – so if the rain kept you away last weekend lets see you there on Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th.  Graeme Cowin and Rocket Industries have generously offered support for this event through their Aeroflow Brand and we will strive to bring you a bigger and better spectacle.  So pray for good weather – and bring 10 of your mates!

A couple of other matters:  you will have noticed some new sponsors – Mack Boots and Worksense; and increased presence by Aeroflow, Tectaloy and Roadline Removals.  We have also been approached by a number of others who want to be involved in Sydney Dragway – this is a great sign that the changes are being noticed and welcomed.

Equally important is your continued support and feedback.  We are in the process of collating all the suggestions and ideas with a view to conducting some forums in late May and early June.  In the meantime I am interested in the view we should establish a “Friends of Sydney” group – perhaps as a social club.  Welcome your feedback.

Finally (for today) let me thank the hard working staff – Ray, John, Mark, Tony, Angela and Sandra who together with Mary and Jacqui continue to push our cause.  And of course I could not close off without acknowledging our dedicated and highly talented Track Crew who worked tirelessly to restore the Track back to top class condition. Show your support by getting your entries in for both the Track Championship event and the Nitros.  And make sure your mates buy their tickets early.

If you are there Racing for Real on Wednesday or Full Throttling on Friday come and introduce yourself.

Sam Sofi


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