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The 40th edition of the Westernationals was an event strong on performances across nearly ever category.

With two days of near perfect weather there was many records set and plenty of action where ever you looked. But let’s let the pictures do the talking…

Top Doorslammer

Stuart Bishop couldn’t quite harness the horsepower his Camaro has this time around, missing the ultra tough bump.

Gary Phillips had some severe tyre in Q1 and would not return for the rest of the weekend, the broken 4 link rear end cause heavy damage to the chassis and tin work and making the next round in Sydney a tough assignment.

Maurice Fabietti first qualified with a second placed 5.89 and then advanced through to the final only for tyre shake to stop him against John Zappia/

Marty Dack was a surprise qualifier with his Auto One Falcon, bumping the field with a 6.06. Intriguingly, Dack was in number eight spot following each of the three sessions.

Daniel Gregorini’s PB 6.05 put him into the field at seventh spot. With Jim Salemi assisting he had an unlucky end to round one with a broken crank trigger shutting the car down during the burnout. On a later grudge run he went 6.03 to edge ever closer to the fives. The mid .9 60 foot times were of particular note.

With some tuning assistance from Adam Croker, Matt Abel ran a 5.99 to qualify and was unlucky to lose with a 6.04 in round one against Judd. A later grudge pass yielded another 5.99.

Anthony Begley bore some battle scars after hitting the wall in Q1.

Murray O’Connor ran a best ever 6.09 and deserved to felt hard done by after missing the field.

Phil Glendenning’s new colours looked great but didn’t help him to make the field unfortunately.

Peter Kapiris finally got down Perth Motorplex in his Saratoga but a 6.07 just missed qualifying in the toughest field ever.

The wheelie bar set up on John Zappia’s Monaro is certainly unique.

Tony DeFelice got down the track in 6.01 seconds to qualify himself in but lost to Mark Belleri in the first round.

Mark Belleri came in as points leader and qualified, advanced through round one with a 5.99 but then went out in the semi finals.

Robin Judd took a while to get going but once he did he got through round one with a 5.94. His semi final was wild when he crossed lanes right behind Maurice Fabietti.

John  Zappia returned to form, with a brilliant 5.807 in the semi finals against Mark Belleri the highlight of a big weekend which included top qualifying, low ET, top speed and the win.

The final saw a strong 5.82 from John Zappia at 247mph (top speed of the event) defeat a tyre shaking run by Fabietti.

Top Bike

Terry Burnett made some in roads with a 6.89 recorded in the first round after scraping into the field at number eight spot.

Dennis Grant got back into the sixes in qualifying despite his usual wild style aboard Da Judge.

Chris Matheson did not surprise with a top qualifying 6.23 and a top speed of 219mph but it was a surprise when he dropped two valves in the first round to give Troy McLean a look in for the points race.

Jay Upton was able to recline as he waited for John Zappia to finish up on the return road. The White Knight himself announced during the night he would be moving into Top Fuel with girlfriend Caroline at the wheel.

Marc Ryder possibly has some fog issues under the visor.

Mick Murray was the lone rider not to make the Top Bike field missing out on the 7.54 bump with a 7.55!

Mark Drew made it into the final but an issue with the barrel valve meant the bike was only running on one cylinder as he came into stage and he was easy pickings. A 6.58 was his quickest for the weekend though.

Troy McLean enjoyed his second event win at Perth Motorplex in as many events. He has now emerged as a threat in the championship to Matheson.

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