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Supercharged Outlaws

The chute pin was left in on Greg James’ Lambo and he chose to try the turn rather than the sad, with some interesting consequences.

Ben Gatt’s Ford coupe is a welcome addition on any track but unfortunately went out in round one

Frank Mamone was another interstate traveller and made good use of three wheels. The front left was kept elevated throughout most runs.

Kelvin Lyle top qualified but then went pop in the burnout during eliminations and that was the end of his weekend.

Mark Rothwell had his Nova out on track for the first time but broke a diff during some vicious tyre shake.

Mark Mackay put a new cam to good use in his altered, making the final. Unfortunately he got out of shape off the start line and that was that.

Greg Byrne scored his first Christmas tree in 35 years of racing by taking the win in Supercharged Outlaws. It came after a challenging weekend that saw him break an oil bump and kill a bunch of bearings.


Andrew Musgrave was one of many interstaters coming over but also one of many to unfortunately depart in the first round of Modified.

Benjamin Moignard hoiks the front wheels.

Brett Baile was left with a bit of a headache after some bad tyre shake in his altered.

Simon Lekias didn’t have his Westernationals go the right way, breaking a gearbox.

Shane Wynd’s night ended in a liquid fashion after a fitting came off his trans cooler.

Kim Nordahl was cutting some seriously good lights only to have some bad luck in the final, breaking out by four hundredths.

Getting the lucky break was Laurence Adamos, after his car stumbled off the line. It was his third win out of four events since making the shift from Junior Dragster to Modified, quite an impressive run.

Super Sedan

Simon Travaglini had a big moment when he couldn’t find the chutes and hit the sand in his new Top Doorslammer-esque SS/AA. A bad moment made better later in the pits when racers took up a collection to help him out.

The Backdraft ute looked a real stunner out on track, and the rear mounted turbo made it move with a fair amount of pace too.

Cassie Rhodes slows up after another quick run in her Charger.

Greg Carter’s 6.93 in SS/A took the national record, but was unfortunately a first round break out.

Lindsay Szep has not been back long but did not waste time

Troy Gasperi used a .001 reaction and an 8.48 on an 8.42 to take the win in the final.

Modified Bike

Johnny Ireland loves keeping the front wheel high up in the air on his Harley.

Matt Haunold ran his first eight second pass, but also produced the country’s first hoverbike.

Tony Wood came out for a grudge pass and ran an 8.28 on his Rotorcycle, believed to be a new world record.

Dale Gummow is enjoying running some mid nine second laps on her new Suzuki and also won best presented bike and crew.

Paul Nieuwhof met up with son Luke in the third round and showed no mercy, going on to reach the semi finals.

Paul McNamara maintained a great first season, extending his points lead in the track championship and taking a runner up spot.

Joe Bertolini top qualified and came away with the event win, a great return to form for a rider who has had a tough season with plenty of mechanical breakages.

Super Street

Kylie Tanner’s LJ Torana burns out during qualifying.

Tabatha Saunders was the sole non-qualifier but the Hot Rod was certainly one of the most gorgeous cars in Super Street.

John Solich gave Beat the Heat some great exposure with a runner up spot. A sleepy .272 light in the final cost him a better chance.

Blake Jeffreys continues to be one of the toughest drivers in Super Street and he added a Westernationals win in 2011 to a building resume.

Junior Dragster

The suspension set up on this Junior captured the eye of the Drag News photographers.

Losses are frustrating in any category.

A red light from Jemima Croker unfortunately ended one of her most successful events yet, taking a runner up spot.

Jake Donnelly claimed a win for the Queenslanders in the final.

Around the traps

The temperatures never got that high but relief from the sun was hard to find.

Greg Byrne’s reverse gear Jessica Bovell found out there was a bunch of traction on the Motorplex strip.

The VHT was claiming many victims.

A good crowd rolled in for both days to check out the action.

The Hog’s Breath pig had much to be happy about with both of the team’s cars in the finals.

Drag News photographer Hayley Turns laying down on the job.

This crew member found the solution to keeping the shoes on.

“I can’t believe I’m wearing this.”

Bray vs Bray’s grudge run saw awesome side by side burnouts. And on that note, thanks for watching!

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