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Introducing the ANDRA Drag Racing Podcast – The Most Powerful Podcast for the Most Powerful Motorsport on the Planet!
The official podcast of the Australian National Drag Racing Association is a new initiative to engage with members and fans, new and old by focussing the storylines firmly on the racers and legends of ANDRA Drag Racing.

ANDRA Media & PR Officer Tim Baker said producing an official ANDRA podcast was an exciting project as the thirst for on demand content continues to grow.

“Podcasting is a platform I have experience with away from ANDRA and I hope we can build this into a great asset to take advantage of another form of media that has been growing exponentially around the world,” he said.

“The beauty of podcasts is there are no restrictions, you can take it anywhere and listen on demand on your smartphone or mobile device while you’re driving, working, shopping or walking the dog – it’s up to you. But you can still listen on your computer or even your TV whenever you feel like it.”

Research released ahead of the recent 2016 OzPod conference in Sydney showed Australian audiences have increased by 14% on last year and on average, podcast audiences listen to an average of 5.5 podcasts per week with nearly 1 in 5 listening up to 11 podcasts per week.

Smartphone is the preferred device to listen to podcasts for 1 in 2 people; rising to 70% among ages 14-34. That age bracket is also more likely to discover new podcasts via social media (58%) and word of mouth (60%) than the older demographics.

“2.9 million Australians listened to podcasts in 2015 and of those people 29% subscribe regularly while 56% listen at least once a week, so there is a high audience retention rate,” added Baker.

“Not all of those people are drag racing fans but it’s about finding new ways to engage with new audiences while also giving our members and fans something extra.

“ANDRA Drag Racing needs to be experienced but through this format we can at least give the racer another platform to tell their own stories and show another side of the sport.”

You can listen to the very first episode featuring Australian drag racing and Top Fuel legend Jim Read right here on the ANDRA website (Media > ANDRA Podcast).

The ANDRA Drag Racing Podcast is also available for free to listen on the ANDRA social media pages and through iTunes, the iTunes Podcast App, Tunein Radio, Stitcher Radio, Player FM and many other podcast apps. Just search ANDRA Drag Racing Podcast within your chosen app.

For Google Play customers, just download your preferred podcast app and search as above.


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