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Pristine conditions and killer track have wet the appetite of what we might witness on race night. Midnight Mayhem is a twist on other radial tyre events, with it being contested over the full quarter, except for the Outlaw Radial cars.

In Outlaw Radial, Frank Marchese was behind the wheel of the Szabolics-Marchese Racing procharged Camaro, running just 1 thou off the car’s 3.573 PB.

Johnny Ricca, repping the turbo boys, hit a 3.75/208mph PB, and rolled through the quarter timers with a 5.93, once he managed to keep the front wheels on the flight deck.

Getting it done with LS-power, Terry Seng pushed the Dodge to a 6.16 at 216MPH over the full track distance, with a .969 sixty, the quickest of any radial turbo car.

Jarrod Wood bashed up his Australian small block record with a 3.64 at 210mph, before turning it up and doing some stargazing.

Fortunately the car was okay, and Wood and his wild El Diablo Camaro will front race night.

Hopefully we will also see Andrew ‘Boogeyman’ Zada return. The procharged Camaro tagged the wall in the braking area and took no further part in testing.

Wade Wagstaff was steering the George Josevski’s Lexus to a 4.06 as they look for their first three on the small 275 tyre.

While Josevski himself was running a 6.94/199MPH PB with his VL all on a 255 radial.

Kyle Hopf also joined the PB list with a 4.26 at 170MPH as he continues to step up his recently purchased Camaro.

More Outlaw Radial action.

There were a load of other PBs amongst the wheelstands across the board. We covered Dan Szabolics wicked HQ’s 6.65 here:

He will be throwing down in the Pro Street Villains class which could be the highlight of the event, against racers like Steve Bezzina who cranked out his own 6.6s with the XW.

Jamie Borg sent it with his 13B RX3 on a mere 225 radial for a 8.25 and 166MPH, the quickest and fastest for that combination anywhere.

Of course the of RB brigade were in on the action, Hamid Mansour’s Motorsports Mechanical GT-R dropped a 7.59 at 182MPH personal best.

Racing starts at 4pm and goes to midnight at Sydney Dragway tonight.

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